I always remember when started to write code, it was in high school writing my very first Pascal code and competing with another student to show them that my program was better than theirs. That’s the time I found myself useful and very very exited to finish and gaining the response to my program.

The code was my friend since then. Nothing could make me happier than sitting in front of the monitor through the day in my school lab. When we go there just to playing games, I’m doing some coding with Visual Basic and Java instead, so nerdy huh?

I never found myself in sadness and problem when I type on my keyboard, producing lines of code was my faith that day. My friend also asked me why I really love to write code, why me so curious and never bored with creating a new program. I never said the answer.

Why do I so much like to do a programming? this question is hard to answer because I like what I think it is peaceful, worth to do and also I felt life is more fun when I doing it. Programming was taken me so long through some adventures and several real-life problems where I could solve and deliver solution better.

Programming is never hurting me because I always found a way to solve it. In a short sentence programming or coding is the reflection of yourself, because if you found it hurting, that means you don’t understand what you want or how you make it happen. Life is simple, as simple as you write one procedure or function, if you mess with that function the disaster will come eventually.

Programming also makes you growing and scaling the way you think, it guides you crossing concepts and technique. You must follow the patters, sometimes you look at the rules, so you don’t come outside of the boundaries. Then when you found the program is working, you finished with graceful.

So do I ever felt stressful or angry about this activities? Sure I am, but this a part of the life, as a human we moving up and down, make this part of our experience so we could be a better person when this situation come out in the future, also not all mistakes is our fault right? we just like a scientist, knowing there is a problem and we help to solve. We make other person life better and efficient, we help our company grow and we help the ecosystem being useful with all of the results.

Over the decades, the code was so much helped on industries today. The result of programming was so high, even you found it very massive affecting business, technology, learning program etc. Ya, you hear it right, ever you thinking the satellite, rocket, your smartphone, Linux, banking system there is just a tiny part of the result. So you think that your part is just writing a code and get payment from your company? no man, You so much worth than that.

I always say to myself when I struggling to my program or when thinking the new method or best practice about my code. If I could live on a computer or digital system, it would be more fun, because there is no problem without an answer, or at least we always found a way to solve it, it never lies, never broke and show the real thing like a mirror of ours. I’m blessed to raise in this centuries, I never know what I’m gonna be if I live on 50’s or 60’s without a computer, I should be the laziest person in the world on that time, getting sick and eaten by dogs.

Thanks to all people who make this day possible to live with technologies, computers, and electronics. I owe my life to them.