A few months ago I was thinking about making a simple service that could help me escalate my skill on nodejs. Basicly the service is pretty simple, it’s called url-shortener. You just generate a short code and linking with the url, it is simple. That time actually I just thinking to make this simple app with expressing my contribution on open-source project, I never build an open-source project based on NodeJs before.

A week ago i was finished a first working version on my app, that project called Pendekin and it’s funny because on Bahasa Indonesia it means like “Please shorten this thing”. Day after day i learn so much about node because this project, and finally discovered something about the ability of this shortener tool. As project still on development, I found this shortener has another benefit not just for shortening website url or similar. This thing actually means more to another people on marketing side, for the instance Bit.ly the most popular url shortener today has a story when the company struggle to monetize their service and keep the service running well.

Url shortener services silently are around us, Twitter for example on their service using was Bit.ly to shortening the url on tweet post before they make their own url shortener called t.co(the most shortest url), buffer app also showing they using their own url shortener for the service and many url shortener service finally came out like goo.gl and tinyurl.com.

The aim for this service exist is to simplify the url and fit with short amount of character, because service like SMS messaging and tweet post has a limited characters to fit in, also like people on marketing field would likely to use this service for tracking and extract information about their campaign, and another marketing activities.

As it turns out I thinking about another possibilities and opportunities which can be handled by this url-shortener service, so after my open-source application was finished I started my own url-shortener service. I try to find a short domain url to buy and starting the bussiness about url shortener.

So today i’m about making an MVP project for jum.bz as my side project for url shortener service, hope all is going well